Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sarah Bradlee Fulton

     Sarah Bradlee was born on December 24, 1740 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. As a child her parents always said that she was very brave and daring. Sarah had one younger brother named Nathaniel. On July 25, 1762, Sarah married John Fulton. Sarah and her new husband then moved to Medford, Massachusetts. They both frequently visited Sarah's brother, Nathaniel back in Boston.

     Sarah is also known as "Mother of the Boston Tea Party" because she helped patriots disguise themselves on the evening of the Boston Tea Party. She painted their faces and made them look like Mohawk Indians so no one would be able to recognize them. She is the one who came up with the idea of dressing up the men like this. Sarah was also a member of "The Daughters of Liberty" which was an organization for women patriots. In 1835, Sarah Bradlee Fulton died at the old age of 95 in Medford, Massachusetts.

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